All about Vitamin D

All about Vitamin D


All about Vitamin D

Health experts agree that both adults and children need Vitamin D everyday – here is why:

The science bit....

Basically Vitamin D is an essential vitamin which helps with the normal absorption and utilisation of calcium and phosphate in the body, which is essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Sunny D contains 50% of the recommend daily amount of Vitamin D needed to benefit from these nutrients.*

The Sunshine Vitamin 

An important source of Vitamin D is the sun. Getting out and about in the sunshine between March and September will give most people enough Vitamin D, alongside a balanced diet however between October and March the sunlight in the UK isn’t strong enough for our bodies to make Vitamin D. 

Healthy teeth, bones and muscles 

Vitamin D helps our bodies regulate calcium and phosphate, which in turn helps to keep our teeth, bones and muscles healthy. You can get 50% of your recommended daily intake from Sunny D and the other 50% you can get from the sunshine and a balanced diet.

A Vitamin D Buffett!!

You can get Vitamin D from a whole range of foods that you can enjoy as part of a balanced diet. There is Sunny D of course but it is also present in oily fish, red meat, egg yolks, liver and in fortified foods like breakfast cereals and spreads. 

So, what’s in Sunny D?

One 250ml glass of Sunny D contains 2.5 micrograms or 50% of your daily recommended Vitamin D intake. 


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*The recommended daily amount of 5 micrograms set in European Food Legislation.

*Please note Sunny D is not a supplement for Vitamin D.