Tops tips for savvy savings when camping

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Tops tips for savvy savings when camping with our guest blogger Savvy Dad

Greetings, Olly from here. Back again with some savvy tips to keep the costs down while camping. The UK is blessed with an array of mixed weather, meaning camping is always guaranteed to be a memorable experience. So whether you’re packing your packing an umbrella the sun or rain, here’s my top tips to keep your expedition on budget!


Keep It Cool!

Whatever time of year you decide to camp, you’ll need a cool box. Especially If you’re on a long stay. Freeze meats ahead to use as ice packs, and where possible have one cool box for food and another for drink. Cool boxes can vary in price from an entry level Thermos around £20, to the premium Aussie-built Esky brands at £70+. However, skimping on a cheap box can often be a false economy - It’s worth paying more to enjoy an ice cold beer or refreshing Sunny-D whenever you want!

Also, if you can, plan your location to access a grocery store easily, you can then buy as you need, without waste, daily as long as you plan well.


Everything’s Better in Groups

Plan group meals - It’s much easier to plan a meal across a group of friends camping together and great to take it in turns cooking. 

  • Bulk out with pasta, beans and spices.
  • Consider replacing rice with couscous as it cooks faster (plus it cleans straight out of the pan, unlike starchy rice that adds to stubborn camp cleaning)
  • Sharing shower gels, toothpaste and other essentials in groups also cuts costs and saves storage space needed.
  • To find site locations suitable for groups, look to websites like Pitchup to identify cheap pitch prices and availability.
  • If you’re picky about camping, try a spot of “glamping”. Do this on a budget by looking into deals via popular group-buying sites like Groupon, Wowcher or GoGroopie


Savvy Essentials

The RRP on camping gear like thermal gear can be absurd at times, so remember that you can’t beat multiple layers for keeping warm. Forget the camping stores and look to charity shops for fleeces, waterproof items and general layers. Also, you can often source camping utensils and cooking equipment in charity shops too at a huge discount.

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to take your favourite home comforts with you - a trusty pan or reliable pillow doesn’t need to be camping-specific to be effective.

Other essentials…

  • Torches - invest in an ultra bright focusing LED torch; these can be sourced from china via sites like Amazon and GearBest and mean you can pinpoint those tent roles easily at night.Fire lighting


Enjoy the outdoors on a budget...

Chances are you’re camping to escape it all, why not set up a free account at and then install the free app C:Geo on your smartphone? This will let you explore the area around your campsite while engaging in some fun trail hunting - All for free.

Remember, you’re possibly away from home conveniences, so pack a back up power supply. USB Power Banks are reliable and cheap these days. Finally, don’t forget your trusty, thirst-quenching carton of Sunny D for while you're out on the hiking trail!