Northern Mum lets us know what she thinks of ‘new’ Sunny D!

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Sunshine in a glass.

That is what always springs to mind when I think of Sunny D.

And it is great news that now my favourite sunshine drink has launched a new recipe that is lower in sugar.  Great for my family and I when we have a glass with our breakfast feast.

It is exciting times over at Sunny D, and I was charged with the tough job of tasting the three flavours of the juice.

Want to hear my verdict?

Fruity Mango

This is the taste sensation that I know my son will adore alongside that morning toast; and at 50 calories a glass (250 mls) I am more than happy to join the family with a glass. It has an exotic kick that sets you up for the day, and with half of my daily Vitamin D, I know it is helping keep my muscles growing for when I hit the gym…

Before I tell you about the tantalising taste of Tangy Florida and Juicy Passion, let me quickly remind you about why Vitamin D is pretty flipping important in our diet.


Yes, reportedly it is making a comeback. Too little vitamin D can cause super soft bones in children and fragile bones in us grownups.

We need vitamin D to absorb calcium, so we have a strong toothy smile, healthy heart and you men folk may be keen to know that researchers have recently let on that Vitamin D can resuscitate receptors in hair follicles.  (In short – it can help fight the bald!)

Just one glass of Sunny D can help against these, you should get your other 50% by venturing outside into the sunshine and having a good balanced diet. 

Back to the taste…

Because even if it can help our bones grow – we still want it to taste good!

Tangy Florida


It is the taste many of us 30 somethings will recognise from our younger days, but now it has 50% less sugar, so I’m much happier sharing my morning drink with my small people.

It is classic sunshine in a glass!

Juicy Passion

Take classic Sunny D and give it a passionate twist and you have this melody of flavour.  Perfect for the whole family with no artificial colours or preservatives.  It goes perfectly with eggs and bacon or that grab and run breakfast when you are busy.

Of course, Sunny D isn’t just for mornings, you can open the fridge and pour the family a glass of goodness at any time of the day!

Because it tastes great and gives you some everyday sunshine in your life (with less sugar!)


**Disclaimer - Northern mum was paid to taste and review the product however the opinions expressed here are her own and not necessarily those of Sunny D.**