International Day of Friendship

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Whether its relationships issues, trouble at work or you just need to unwind over a cup of tea, we all need friends. Celebrate International Day of Friendship by finding out what kind of friend you are.   

You talk to your best friend for the first time in a few days. Do you:

  1. tell them everything you’ve done or thought since you last spoke. 
  2. have a quick chat then ring off.
  3. say ‘uh huh… yes…’ a lot while they talk.
  4. spend equal time talking and listening.  

A couple of your friends forgot your birthday. Do you: 

  1. call them up and tell them they are no longer on your friend list.
  2. don’t give it a second thought.
  3. feel quite upset. You always remember their birthday, why can’t they remember yours?
  4. resolve to plan drinks for next year and give your friends plenty of notice.

You can’t stand your friend’s new partner, in fact you think they might be cheating. Do you:

  1. give it to your friend straight. They’re going to find out sometime. 
  2. avoid seeing them together. 
  3. lie and say you really like the new partner.  
  4. make sure that your friend knows you are always there if they need to talk. 

A friend hasn’t been returning your calls. Do you:

  1. leave a voice message asking why they are ignoring you. 
  2. ignore them when you bump into them.
  3. assume they are too busy to call. 
  4. check in with a mutual friend to find out if the friend is okay. 

When you go out with a group of friends you are: 

  1. the life and soul of the party.
  2. usually on your mobile. 
  3. good at knowing the latest gossip. 
  4. keen to spend quality time together. 



Mostly As

You are the fun outgoing friend that everyone loves to party with. Just don’t forget that sometimes you need to listen as well as talk. 

Mostly Bs

You look after your friends but have a tendency to take things personally. Step back now and then to take the long view. 

Mostly Cs 

You are a fantastic sounding board for your friends. You like hearing about their goals and dreams. Just make sure your friends support you in return. 

Mostly Ds 

Your friends can really count on you. They know you can be trusted with their closest secrets.