Father’s Day

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Hi there, Olly from SavvyDad.co.uk here!

I’m here to chat about enjoying Father’s Day on a budget. It doesn’t have to cost the world to enjoy June 18th, so here’s my top tips for keeping it special, while saving your hard earned cash. Whatever part of the day you have together there’s always something fabulously frugal you can do that won’t break the bank.

Start the day off with a treat

An extra 30 minutes in bed in the mornings is the easiest freebie a dad can get. But why not leave a little hand-made “room service” card for dad to fill in breakfast option requests like…

  • A choice of toast with either cheap scrambled eggs, or inexpensive jams and marmalades.
  • A simple cost effective fry up using fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and toast, plus consider cheaper frozen sausages or use your local butcher.
  • An ice cold glass of refreshing Sunny D.
  • Room service options for the kids to do like: clean towel service, wash up duties and setting the table.
  • Do Not Disturb before a certain time option.

Father’s Day Craft Gifts

A great way to cut the budget, but still make things personal and cherished, is to craft your own gifts. Some personalised gift websites charge a fortune for items you really can make yourself. So, why not have a go at some of these:

  1. Make a Frame - As simple as it sounds, getting a basic picture frame, and upcycling it is really effective. You can get them from a car boot sale or from a discount high street retailer. Spray, paint, or decorate them with whatever you have. Or, as a modern alternative, rough them up with sand paper and pastel colours for a shabby chic effect. Get your favourite “dad” photo printed online in advance or try asking your local school or library to print them, often they’ll charge a fraction compared to some places. A great savvy tip is to decorate with pebbles and stones to make your own “My Dad Rocks” frame.
  2. Daddy, you’re my superhero! - A common theme in many personalised sites is to buy a frame with Lego Marvel characters. The frame includes quotes like “Dad you’re strong like the Hulk”, or “Smart like Ironman”. They’re upwards of £25 online, but again, you can make your own. For around £10, you can source a basic box frame, and a set of Lego Avengers characters from eBay. Use a free tool like Canva.com to design your own personalised text and put it all together. Cute, cheap and thoughtful.

Getting out and about

Entrance costs for attractions and venues can be huge. So, look into venues offering free entry for dads on Father’s Day. Failing that, you can’t beat a relaxed day at the beach with a cost effective picnic, and of course, some thirst quenching Sunny D to enjoy in the sunshine. Go in the late afternoon to avoid crowds and often get cheaper parking.

Alternatively, most dad’s would love a good outdoor adventure, so why not try a spot of Geocaching. It’s a great free hobby that’s fun for all the family and it’s really relaxing. Remember, buying food and drink while out really dents your bank balance - so don’t forget to pack a picnic.

Have a Savvy Father’s Day!