Sunny D Fans Gardening Tips

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We had some fabulous tips from Sunny D fans for your gardens and outdoor spaces. Check them out below:

Deborah’s suggestion on how to transform dead space in your gardens: “We have a long triangular garden and the end was dead space. So we’ve built a summer house and decking purely from salvaged wood. Then got an arch, the gravel, chimnea, doors and windows came from freecycle. We're currently in the process of building seating and getting glass for the doors but it's transformed a dead space into a cosy place we all want to be in.”

Beverley suggested that, “a little bit of work outdoors each day is a lot easier than needing to spend days trying to catch up on weeding, planting and pruning. Also, never water your plants before mid-afternoon as the water droplets on the leaves act as lenses and the hot sun can burn and damage the leaves.”

Tracey gave some great advice on small spaces, saying “tiny gardens or courtyards can still have plenty of colour and plants.  Be brave, use pots and planters, you can have lots of wonderful flowering plants, and fruit trees growing in planters and you can have also use long pots to plant vegetables.”

Lynn let us know that, “companion planting is a natural way to ward off those pesky unwanted guests on the allotment,” she suggested Marigolds, “as the pungent smell deters whitefly.”

Paul said, “if you are going to plant carrots, chives in the middle of them will keep the flies away!”

Pam suggested, “if in doubt keep it simple” and we agree, grass and trees, a patio or balcony is just as nice with nothing but a bit of furniture on it. 

Philippa spoke to us about colour, advising, “Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour schemes & plants enjoy your garden!”

Louise told us how to use space well, you can even make an alley way pretty, “try & think of clever ways to use otherwise "dead spaces" in your garden to grow plants. Sweet peas & yummy garden peas grow happily together in slim tubs, which you can place in narrow spaces. Tacking some chicken wire onto the fence for them to cling and climb or a trellis in the pot. You can turn empty & drab spaces into bright pretty ones and you've got a crop to eat as a bonus.”

Linda suggested having defined areas in the garden, “a grassed area, sitting area & a veg plot which makes the garden more interesting.”

Chambers suggested, “Having plenty of colour and a mixture of planted flowers and pots.”

We think they are all great tips for your spaces, but most importantly as pointed out by Heather, “when in the garden or visiting outdoor places leave them as you would like to find them and put your litter in the bin or take it home for your own bins. Always encourage others to do the same.” A clean space is a Sunny space, where you can enjoy some Sunny D!