Mums Savvy Savings Super Tips for a Sunny Summer

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The school bell rang out for the end of term and with it hordes of tweens and teenagers left the corridors to enjoy their summer of fun. This bell rings both pleasure and pain into the hearts of parents up and down the country. Pleasure with the thought of no more school runs and no more jostling life in the fast lane of school activities and homework. Yet pain at the question of how to keep the children entertained throughout August once the initial elation of no school has worn off!

After parenting for the past 17 years I have some tried and tested ways to keep my three happy and healthy during the summer break.  

  • Together we plan some days out even older children and teenagers still like some days out among just doing their own thing with their friends. Popular choices for my teens has been Go Ape which they have recently done. By making plans together it enables teens to give their input into the summer plans. 
  • Keeping teens active in the holidays is also important and we make plenty of opportunities for them to see their friends and chill. My older two are very active and are pretty good now at entertaining themselves. They happily take themselves around to the local tennis courts to play together and also meet up with friends to play football. Keeping fit has become more important to them as they have got older. My 17year old is a regular at the gym.  
  • As keeping healthy is important, I need to be prepared over the summer holidays for their summer snacking! They tend to graze more rather than eat three meals day. I combat this by having a range of snacks available. This includes plenty of fruit and also homemade treats like flapjacks which they enjoy making. This is also teaching them a few tricks in the kitchen. This is getting important now as the oldest will be off to soon. I want her to be able to cook and look after herself!
  • Keeping hydrated when busy or just chilling in the garden is essential. Sunny D helps with keeping hydrated. The new recipe is lower in sugar and contains 50% Vitamin D in a 250ml glass. There are some great recipes on how to make ice pops (for the family and also for mum) on the blog. Mine like having ready mixed juices in the fridge which they can just grab and pour when they walk in the door. The new Sunny D comes in three flavours and is ready to drink on the go.
  • Finally make use of coupons and offers to save money on treats out. Voucher codes are easy ways to make savings and things like getting cinema tickets using student NUS cards or Meerkat Movies. 

I hope these tips and tricks will help save you money and your sanity this summer holiday! 

Emma is a full time blogger at Emma and 3 and Mums Savvy Savings. She has two teenagers and a seven year old, as an ex teacher she has many years’ experience of getting the best out of teenagers.