Ideas to spruce up your outdoor space

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At this time of year we spend more time outdoors. If your garden or back yard needs some attention and you’re on a budget, try these ten sprucing-up tips from the Sunny D team. 

Sitting pretty

Be creative when thinking about outdoor seating. Buy or scrounge some old crates and varnish them or paint with a waterproof stain. Put cushions on top or fold up blankets for extra comfort. Turn the crates on their end to make handy side tables, or put a metal tray on a cheap stool. 

Cheap and cheerful

Make colourful outdoor pillows that are waterproof using a vinyl tablecloth. Sew all round the edges then stuff with plastic shopping bags. They can be left outside even in the rain. 

Instant hanging garden

Paint old tin cans in bright colours. Make holes in the base, half fill the tins with soil and plant herbs or cheap packets of flower seeds. Hang the tins up using string for an instant hanging garden. 

Spruce it up

If your garden furniture has seen better days, liven it up with bright colours. Give an old bench a lick of paint and layer it up with cushions for a modern look. 

Birds and the bees

Encourage wildlife in the garden by planting flowers that attract bees. Or hang up a simple birdfeeder to encourage the birds. 

Drawers to make a planter

If you have an old chest of drawers that you don’t use, don’t throw it out, instead put it in the garden! Drill holes in the bottom of the drawers, fill with soil, and plant whatever you fancy. 

Lights, action

Solar-powered lights are reasonably priced and create lovely subtle lighting for summer evenings. Or wind outdoor fairy lights around branches, fix over the fence or the back door, or suspend from canes stuck into the ground for a magical effect.

Lay it out

Cover up unused ground space for an instant smart look. Gravel is a much more affordable surface covering than paving, as well as being low-maintenance and durable. Mark out the area, put down a permeable membrane to stop the weeds growing through and spread the gravel over the top. 

Beg, borrow, scrounge

There’s no need to spend a fortune in the garden centre. Ask friends and family for cuttings of plants that you like, and plant them out in your garden. Come up with unusual ideas for planters and flower pots like wine crates, barrels, wooden pallets or even an old sink.