How to be supermarket savvy and save yourself some extra pennies for Christmas with Northern Mum

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We can’t deny it, or hide from it, the summer holidays are now nothing but a mere memory, and the next big event on the calendar is coming up fast!

It’s Christmas!

Ok – so it isn’t Christmas yet, but blink and suddenly you will be singing along to carols in the supermarket aisles and looking up recipes to make this year’s mince pies better than ever.

Are you ready?

This is my 40th Christmas coming up, so I consider myself an expert on the season.  I know that the one thing that makes Christmas better for everyone is if it doesn’t become a financial nightmare.

So if you start looking at finding ways to save money now, you can ensure Christmas is an affordable adventure.

Let’s start with the food shop

Yes, if you get supermarket savvy, you can definitely reduce your shopping bill and pop aside some extra pennies for Christmas.

5 Top Tips to reduce your shopping bill

  1. Meal Plan! This is my best way to save cash on a weekly basis. On the days when I wander up and down the supermarket aisles with no clear plan I can expect to leave the till with scores of food that may go past its sell by date before it gets eaten. Not to mention a hefty bill at the end. Planning our weekly meals means I have a focus and a shopping list which is an instant money saver!
  2. Winter is coming – start stewing…. Making bulk meals can be a great way to economise, cheap cuts of meat go great in stews and casseroles and you can make enough to feed an army, pop in the freezer, and then you can feed the family for weeks.
  3. Don’t shop when you are hungry!  I made this classic mistake last week and am still working out who is going to eat the several cartons of biscuits that I simply couldn’t leave without!
  4. Check our company pages for offers, Sunny D makes it easy by having a page informing customers about supermarket promotions so you can ensure you never miss an offer!
  5. Shop Online – it removes temptation – you stick to the list and just buy what you need!

These are simple but effective and a wonderful way to start putting away some extra pennies for Christmas. You can also ensure you look out for vouchers for your favourite foods, and buy food from the ‘looks funny’ section. We love a bit of wonky fruit and veg in our house. Tastes the same but just looks different and has a cheaper price tag!

If you know what usually spend on a weekly shop, you can be super savvy and take the difference and pop it into a Christmas account so you can watch your savings add up.

Do this all year round and you could have the best Christmas ever next year! 

Did I go too far by talking about Christmas 2018!