How to Bag a Black Friday Bargain

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Black Friday has come round again so get ready to bag a bargain. It’s predicted that UK shoppers will spend a staggering £5 billion this year. If you’re planning to hit the shops make sure you follow our top tips. 

Do your research

The rush of nabbing a good deal can’t be beaten. But the best way to end up with the bargain you didn’t bargain for is to buy something on impulse. This can be hard on the wallet! We know it’s boring but it really is worth doing some forward planning. Make a list of what you are looking for, with an estimate of budget, and stick to it. Otherwise it’s easy to get caught up in the Black Friday craziness and buy stuff you don’t need (and you’ll regret later). 

Use familiar websites

We can’t say it often enough. Watch out for scammers. Black Friday is a great time for phishing emails and fakes websites that trick you into entering your credit card details. It’s safest to go straight to the website of a shop you trust, rather than go through a search engine. Only buy from established retailers. Don’t click on links in unfamiliar emails. And trust your instinct. Does the bargain seem too good to be true? It probably is. 

Shop around

Okay this advice is nothing new but it really does pay to shop around. Look out for price matching offers. Use comparison websites and apps like Google Shopping to make sure you are bagging the best bargain. It’s also useful to sign up to newsletters beforehand and check shop adverts so you get advance notice of offers. Many shops have special offers and early shopping deals for loyalty reward members. 

Set your alarm

Many websites will start their sales on the stroke of midnight on Black Friday so it’s worth staying up, ready to click on what you want and grab that bargain. However some retailers are starting their online sales early this year so do check in advance. Some shops will open earlier than usual and have extra bargains if you’re prepared to wait in line. 

Is it really a bargain?

It may seem obvious but you do need to shop smart. Many so-called ‘deals’ on Black Friday are nothing of the sort. You need to know what price the item was originally to assess whether the price cut is as good as claimed. For Amazon there is the strangely named website Camel Camel Camel which tracks price changes over time. Also look for hidden costs, like delivery charges.

And finally… know your rights

Remember to keep the receipts just in case you have a change of heart! If you buy online, you still have the right to return your order up to 14 days from the day you receive your goods. Many online retailers extend this even further so do read the terms and conditions.