5 Reasons why it makes sense to start planning for Christmas Now!

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September is the time to start turning your thoughts to Christmas if you are looking to save money for the big day. It is the time when clever shoppers are able to get a head start by sourcing all the bargains and putting plans into place to make Christmas fun and affordable. The children are back to school so parents finally get some breathing space again. Use this time wisely and Christmas will be all wrapped up by the start of December.

  1. The first advantage to starting in September is spreading the cost of Christmas. It is not just presents we need to buy but food, drinks and all the extras that make Christmas magic. Starting early allows you to budget and buy things each month. Buying Christmas on credit cards just adds pressure, and nobody wants to be paying off Christmas in January. It is much better to plan ahead. 
  2. My house is like a sweet shop in December, all the treats come out. If you don’t want to buy your food in advance because of it going out of date or you don’t have the storage space, use supermarket saving stamps. You can buy stamps each week and then spend them all in December. This way you are able to do the big shop without a big spend.
  3. Sticking with food offers, do look out for 3 for 2 offers that you can put away. Furthermore you can save your loyalty points all year and use them in December, free food always tastes better! Coupons are another great way to try foods and drinks that are new or on offer. Sunny D even has a page informing customers about supermarket promotions so there is no excuse to miss an offer!
  4. Pinterest is the perfect place to look for Christmas ideas and projects that can be started in September. One example is my Christmas Rag Wreath for under £5 which is very popular on Pinterest. There are also homemade cake recipes, cards children can make and wrapping tips.  Start early and you will have time for these projects. You will also save yourself money and put a smile on someone’s face with a homemade gift.
  5. Sale shopping is a great way to fill up stockings and grab some bargains. One tip I have is to buy magazines and use the free gifts as stocking fillers. This is ideal for teenagers as women’s mags often have free designer led makeup and skin care samples. Also start visiting beauty counters and ask for samples. These can be wrapped in tissue paper and dressed up in a hamper or stocking.

When you start preparing for Christmas in September it pays to be organised. Have a notebook where you can make lists of what you have bought as it is easy to forget and that causes overspending. I have a dedicated Christmas notepad and it enables Christmas to be well organised.