Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these frequently asked questions, they may answer your queries.

Sunny D has no artificial colours, preservatives, flavourings or sweeteners added.

Sunny D products in Europe do not contain GMO ingredients.

Sunny D is suitable for vegetarians and does not contain any products such as gelatine.

Sunny D does not use ingredients containing gluten.

Sunny D products do not follow the kosher law.

Sunny D can currently not claim their products follow Halal law.

As a diabetic, please contact your doctor who will tell you if you can drink Sunny Delight and the safe daily allowance.

Sunny D is enjoyed best if it is kept in the fridge and served chilled. Sunny D has to be stored in the refrigerator because it is produced using high quality filling technology that requires the product to be stored chilled. If the product is kept out of the chiller there will be degradation in product colour and taste and the vitamins will deteriorate over time. Sunny D should be consumed within 8 hours of taking it out of the fridge.

The citrus mix is our unique signature blend of orange, lime and grapefruit which, when combined gives sunny D it's zingy taste.

Sunny D has always been a great source of the "Sunshine Vitamin" vitamin D. We can now say that one glass of Sunny D contains 2.5 micrograms or 50% of the recommended daily amount of 5 micrograms set in the European Food Legislation. As part of a balanced diet it is a great way to get this essential vitamin. You can get the other 50% of your recommended daily amount through diet and by spending some time outside in the sunshine (don't forget your sun screen!!)!

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin and helps your body to absorb and utilise calcium – which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle function. Vitamin D also helps maintain your immune system – so great for general health. You can find out more in our "All about Vitamin D page" here.

Actually no! According to government guidelines Sunny D is not high in sugar with only 9.5g (Juicy Passion), 9.6g (Tangy Florida) and 10g (Fruity Mango) per 250 ml.

You can enjoy Sunny D as part of a balanced diet and there are 50 calories in a 250ml glass! Don't forget that's half of your daily requirement of Vitamin D too!!!

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Have a Sunny D day!! 

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